Monday, October 15, 2007

Yami to Boushi to Hon no Tabibito

This weekend in between bouts of studying and working for my mid-term and my own birthday party, I watched an interesting 13 episode show called, Yami to Boushi to Hon no Tabibito, which is apparently based on a some visual novel h-game which its explains its semi-fanservicy nature at times.

However, the story is one that is rather intresting if confusing for the fact its not told in a clear linear narrative. The stops in between the stories which themselves are not in a 1:1 ratio with the episodes are done by the narrator, a strange cosplaying guy who only appears for a little bit each episode.

The story is ostenably a quest by the main character Hazuki who is looking for her adapted sister who she has a crush for. Her sister Hatsumi is a quiet strange girl with obviously magic healing powers as we find out as the story progresses, vanishes in a sparkle of green light on her 16th birthday, and soon after Hazuki runs into a talking bird who is searching for Hatsumi as well and ends forcing the bird to take her with him to search.

What she finds out is that the world is really collected in a book and its just one of the worlds that exists within a great library created by a very godlike being that is only referenced through the information that the fansubbers give the viewer from the H-game, and that her sister is Eve, a powerful being that used to be the Guardian and caretaker of this wierd quasi-realm library, who quit and decided it would be fun to travel the worlds, being born and then leaving at her 16th birthday.

She decides to travel the worlds to find her sister again, along with Eve's sister and current gaurden , Lilith who has her own reasons for traveling. And thus they go on a series of adventures interacting with various people of time frames and worlds in an effort to Eve. A side plot is begin early in the story that shows two other people, that Eve's life had touched in a world, though it focuses mainly on the crazy Gargantua who gets redeemed at the end. However, this dude is hilariously over the top and serves at times as the comedic relief.

The true beauty of the show is that its a post modern travel show, and it plays to its strengths of it being weird and quirky, nor does it take itself too seriously though there are serious moments to be had. The ending of the show is somewhat postive, and there are some questions that are never answered but all and all I would give it a solid 4/5 stars.

Gundam OO

Also much more recent is the new Gundam series. So far there has only been two episodes releashed, and I will probably go into this more when episode 3 comes out, but so far its looking promising. For once, the grunt suits look cool, and the possible char-like character, is an awesome American dude.

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RedWordSmith said...

Surely, an adopted sister? Anyway, the premise reminds me just a bit of Fushigi Yugi.