Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Anonymous does not forgive.

What I am referring too is not 4chan's Anon which of course never forgives nor forget, but I the debacle that is the PostiveMorris 2's comment section of its only post. What began as a ill thought out diatribes against city government, merged into diatribes against rednecks over a certain incident that supposedly occurred at a McDonald's parking lot.

Though I am bit surprised, that there is that many people who care about Morris politics to post on a blog about it. I do have suspicions that several of the anons are really the same guy posting in response to himself as is something that happens every so often on the internet. The thing that I find interesting is that there is so much anger over the issues and belief that public official A has to be a dirty rotten scoundrel as oppose to being well merely wrong, apparently the old quote about citing malice where stupidity could be the culprit has no place on that comment section.

Now to say that there isn't serious issues affect fair Morris, there is. New capital construction of a City Hall is always going to be a big issue regarding financing of it, then you have District 54 which from what I understand, isn't in the greatest of finical shape, then you have this current rigamarole with the police chief, and not to mention projects like the annexation agreement. In short, sleepy Morris has a lot of issues in front of it, and seeing that we are also entering into a campaign season, tempers are going to flare.

Meanwhile just because I like the picture, here is a pic of my new desktop.

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