Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Ace Combat Six

Well last night/early today, me and my friend played through most of Ace Combat Six a second time, and now that the initial feeling of being overwhelmed by the game is over I have some thoughts on it.

First on what I don't care for. The fact that you have to rush around babysitting operations till its done, such a style of game play isn't my natural one and it sometimes grinds on my nerves as I am doing all I can in area while another area is getting the crapped kicked out off.

Second, the music isn't as epic as the last three games. Ace Combat 4 had some pretty sweet latin choir or something sign in the final mission, ditto with Ace Combat 5, Ace Combat Zero had some of the best Spanish Guitar music I have ever heard (which is not saying alot)

Third, less of a selection of aircraft then previous games.

But what I did like:
The story and the characters in the story were pretty fleshed out for what you can do in like minute long cut scenes, but their placement within the game's plot makes logical sense and there are some powerful moments.

Allied Attacks, this allows you to sic on targets in front of you whatever operation forces you saved. Which can be awesome towards an end of a mission, when you have helos, fighters, tanks, artillery and sometimes even a guided missile cruiser firing at the same hapless target.

The Superweapons, ever Ace Combat game has about 2 or three superweapons. 4 had Stonehedge and Megalith (railguns and a giant missile launcher), 5 had the Arkbird (an laser armed SSTO) the SOLG (orbital railgun that shoots out nuclear armed MIRVS, and the Scinfaxi and its sister ship, which were giant subcarriers which fired devastating anti-air missiles. Ace Combat Zero has three: the giant laser tower, the giant aerial flying fortress, and Pixy's Morgan super fighter.

6 is like Zero, first you blow up a flying fortress with its own escorts of smaller (but still large flying battleships things), then you have to shot down a enemy ace in a superplan that has a wicked jammer, railguns, and fast missiles, and then you have to blow up a giant railgun firing large cruise missiles.

The first and the last superweapons mission are fun, the second one which takes place during liberation of the main city of your nation, is annoying and in sort of a bad way.

However, on the whole, the improved AI, the improved graphics and the excellent story makes Ace Combat 6 a worthy addiction to the Ace Combat series, and I give it 4/5 stars.

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