Thursday, November 20, 2008

I have returned.

Its been a while hasn't it blog. Anyway I have returned battered and bruised from being super busy.

Anyway, during my downtime, I'ved watched several anime series.

The last one Kishin Taisen Gigantic Formula I just finnished yesterday. Its a simple story really, giant god heads in the shape of the twelve Greek ones appear and basically conjule humanity to build them giant robot bodies and pilots so that they can fight each other. When humans first ignore this, the planet's envrioment gets screwd up by giant EM clouds. So the humans get together and basically say, ok the 12 major countries in the world get a head and there will be a battle royale and whoever wins gets to rule the planet.

Anyway the plot has two directions, the first of course is the one that deals with Japan's team of the pilot and the person who commincates the will of the god. Which is intresting sort of love story set in backdrop of this odd world war and conspiracy.

The secondary plot thread deals with the pilots of the other nations machines, and they get pretty decent backstory and characther development to make the viewer actually care about the fates of them. Which is pretty remarkable because you learn about their story while they are fighting in back and forth flashback.

Now of course the final boss of these fights is America robot which is powered by Zeus. Jupiter II. If the Jupiter II wasn't enough of an homage, it has the head of Optimus Prime. The ending is so so, its not completly out of left feild, but it does sort of contrast jarring with the rest of the show.

But by far the most enjoyable show I watched inbetween blog postings was Starship Girl Yammato Yokho. Its just plainly a good solid science fiction yarn with solid likelable characters and a plot that slowly unviels leading to a somewhat open but sastifying ending. Probably one of the more unique things about the show is the atmosphere it has, its a very dark show in terms of just pure lighting which I am not sure if it helps ors hinders.

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