Thursday, April 10, 2008


I beaten Super Robot Wars Alpha while I was on my spring break. Thankfully I have a power converter for the laptop so when I was in the car going across half the nation, when I was not writing papers, I was playing that game. I feel sort of good about it, because its the first SRW game I beat without having to use cheat codes.

Though the last level was for me very hard, in that the way you had to go about beating the boss went against the tactics that had been working for me since my main character got very good at her ability to dodge people.

Also while I am on the SRW front, I been showing my friend OP SRW anime, which I now seen both the OVA and TV series that came out recently. I may start commenting about robots from there that are cool.

As for LOGH, I haven't done much with it since I saw the finale, which was great but I feel sort of burnt out watching it, and decided to take a break.

And commentary on Jonah Goldberg's Liberal Facism? Its good book. It forced me to rethink the paradigm of fascism, but germs of the idea are out there, even admitted as such by presumably non-right wing professors. Main problem is that he needed to stop repeating himself in certain parts, but other then that, its a good "popular" history book that gives a strong enough argument to at least re look at idealogical DNA of fascism and American populism.

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