Friday, February 29, 2008

Anime flashback of 2007

Some short reviews of the shows I watched during 2007 that I can remember

Kyoshiro to Towa no Sora:
Its by the same people who brought us, Kannazuki no Miko, Steel Angel Kurumi and other things, and its shows and makes references to those shows in that it reuses some of the ideas and actual characters types and designs.

Its a show set in a future at a Academy about a high school girl name Kuu who feels empty inside and is writing to her dream prince, and her adventures in getting messed up in a conspiracy of the Ayanokōji family as each of the members use advance war technomagical war machines called Absolute Angels that look like pretty girls .

Its a pretty decent show, and if your a fan of the shows I mentioned earlier, you would probably enjoy it, though granted Kuu is pretty much the dumbest protaganist ever in anime, and that is saying alot. But it makes up for it by being at time so insanely silly and melodramatic and gives us one of the best reasons to be a villian ever, in that your brother steals your girlfriend.

3/5 average.

Heroic Age:

In the future Earth has been lost to Humanity called the Iron Tribe, against the combine might of the Silver and Bronze Tribe, their only hope in this war that is going against them is the single young Earth man named Age who had been child on a ship that was sent out to Gold Tribe's last known location when they sent a call to find them. The Gold Tribe had previously been the rulers of the Galaxy before they left and they had awesome powers, and controlled and imprisoned the remaining members of the stupidly powerful Heroic Tribe which were a race of gaint biomecha that had destructive effects on space and stars and had habit of blowing things up when they got angry and fighty which did they alot.

Age is a man who has teachings of the Gold Tribe, and as well as being the body that houses the most powerful member of the Heroic tribe (also called Nodoses with singular Nodos) Bellcross. By transforming into Bellcross he is the young Earth's Princess and her ship the Argonaught best hope to save humanity and the galaxy, but lying in his way are the space insects of the Bronze Tribe and their masters the generic pretty boy and pretty girl race of the Sliver Tribe who are just light years beyond the humans, and control the other 4 Nodoses.

Whew that was alot, but it was good set up. The show is combination of I think of a Super Robot War show meets Nadesico meets Legend of the Galactic Heroes, in that the there is a hero ship, heroic mech, and fleets that are thousands of ships strong line up against each other firing. Its a pretty gripping story, but after they retake Earth, things begin to get a bit sloopy and that is why I'm giving it only a 4/5 instead of a 5.

I'll stop here for now: Next update I'll be reviewing Tactical Roar, and Soukou no Strain, and Baccano!

On a side note, I've returned to playing through Super Robot Wars Alpha, and about half way through the game. Its fun and been pretty easy for me so far, though I have had some missions where everything went tits up, but that only happened twice, once against an EVA Angel, and another when the Macross transformed on me and blew up everything in front of it, which included half my units. But thankfully I had killed enough extra stuff to pay for the repairs.

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