Saturday, June 30, 2007

Senate vote on immigration

Well its been two days since the Senate voted to kill the immigration bill. The entire lead up to the bill was something very interesting to watch in that we had a bill that most American didn't want, leading to a revolt of I believe 2/3s of the Republicans in the Senate to vote against it with some Democrats against the Democrats and Bush.

Out of this political egg on the face for those pro-bill side, came up another issues of the role of talk radio and complaints by at least one Senator that there was racism involved in regards to all the people calling up the Senators and complaining about the votes. All sorts of reasons are given why the American people got so upset about the bill, and none of them dealt with the fact that American people are getting tired of dealing with illegal immigrants and all the baggage that they rightly or wrongly believe that they carry with them as they enter the border.

But the true show on Thursday was Robert Byrd and his speech talking about how great he and all the old senators where. Or the battle in the House committee between the Chicago democrat whose name I can never spell off the top of my head and the Dick's Cheney's budget. The Republican response was something like "its dumb to do this, and we'll stick it to you down the line" given in a muttering paused filled low tone from the ranking member of that committee.

Forget the network reality shows, C-Span is where the fun stuff is :) though its prone to make you lose your faith in democracy from time to time, but thankfully we don't have any charismatic military leaders to cut the ever present knot of American politics.

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