Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Man things been busy with finals week. However in the meantime, between writing papers I been reading and watching some news shows and comics.

One of them GunXSword is a really spiffy show. Its show that was made in the spirit of Trigun as its a travel log story about a wandering warrior. However, this show is uniquely more dark and yet more insane and parodied filled then Trigun.

A classic example is the villains giving some speech about why they are doing everything for the benefit of mankind, and how they are going to end all suffering and what have you, and then the main character would retort, he doesn't understand he just wants to kill the man who killed his bride.

An intresting twist in that for the most part, the villians are motivated by "high" philosophical goals that in their twisted view will help mankind, and whereas the hero is motivated by one thing, revenge. I would go on but that would spoil the show and I don't have the time.

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