Thursday, March 22, 2007

Well due to some strange mix up, I seem to have two blogs. So I therefor I shall make this one be the one about reviews of anime I have seen.

And let me start off by rambling.

Gundam Seed Destiny
I knew going into this it would be a trainwreck judging from the sheer amount of bad talk it got during its run over in Japan, and the fact that it still attracts negative attection on /m/ on 4chan on a daily basis.

However the true tragedy of the entire affair was that it started off really good. I liked the first eight or so episodes better then I liked the majority of Seed that I saw. The action scenes were done excellent, and there was good amount of plot movement and direction going with the hunt of the Girty Lue by the hero's ship Minerva.

Then it hit like around episode 12 or something with the first recap episode and things began to slow down and fall apart, and then picked up again with the introduction of a bit character who was while awesome fated to die, and then things slow down again. I have now seen about 3/5s of the show, and the last two dvds I had to will myself to watch pass the recaps and stupid characters doing stupid things.

A sad series, but one that I am giving a tenative 2 out of 5 at the moment.

Now for a quick take of other gundam outside of SEED I have seen.

Turn A Gundam: By far the best Tomino Gundam show, and its by far the most unique one. Unlike Tomnio's previous works most of the characters get a happy or at the very least an ending in that they live. Its also the most character driven show I have seen in a long time, and the ending does hurt a bit in a bittersweet movement.

Zeta Gundam: Which alot of people claim is the best of the UC gundam. It has some whackyness in it, but again seeing 3/5s of it so far its been good. The main character in that show does grow up a bit, and so does his main rival for the villians Jerrid (who has probably the best 80's hair ever) and the show has some pretty intense battles and cool designs. The Rick Dias which shows up here is by far my favorite UC mobile suit design.

There is also three movies that were releashed recently that had some new animation to it as well as drastic editing. The movies were cool but rushed, which can be expected from a 50 episode series turned into 3 2 hour movies.

0083 Stardust Memory: The first UC Gundam series I have bought. Its a OVA that deals with the events that occured between the first Gundam and Zeta Gundam. And it was made after the two. It deals with the remants of the villianous Zeon from the first series and their plan after they steal Gundam from the Earth Federation. Its a remarkable series in that the main characters are actually over 17 for once, and are military officers. Its also a fun show to see the cameos of future Gundam villians, such as Haman of Axis, and Bask Ohm of the Titans.

Char's Counter Attack: The movie that is the last Gundam to have the main characters from the first series of Amuro Ray and Char. Char after helping defeat the Titans has now become a genocidal leader of Neo-Zeon and plans to drop a giant asteroid on Earth to kill Earth and make space free. Amuro Ray his rival plans to stop him as part of a special Earth military force to deal with the space colonies. The movie good parts is that its really well done in terms of apperance and even has one of the first use of CG graphics. The bad part is that plot is pretty out there. At one point the Earth Federation sells Char the asteroid that has nuclear thrusters on it he is going to hit them with, after he already hit them with one rock at the begining of the movie, has stated intentions of not liking the Earth, in return for a promise to disarm Neo-Zeon and for a ton of gold to pay for their welfare policies. I am not joking.

Gundam Wing: Well what can be said about it. For many myself included it was the gateway into the world of Gundam. Though its more superrobots running rampage in a field of poor, poor mobile targets called Leos, then anything else, it still had this quirky awesomeness to it. Its notable for insane politics, super bishie boy pilots, and in my case villians more awesome then the heroes, it was 50 episode ride of super gundamness. The movie that came out to finish that universe was a good movie, and actually put closure on that crazy alternate universe.

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